Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog (and photo book) under way

So I am convincing myself that I in fact will find a summer job, while simultaneously thinking of other alternative options in the back of my mind. Options such as self publishing a small photo book to sell; selling prints; selling lemonade, etc. As well, I am refusing to allow myself to waste any amount of the endless free time I have, and will do so by writing and recording my work here (plus others' work I find motivating). 

As for the photo book though, that is a thought I've had for a long time and intend to make happen soon; profit really being irrelevant (obviously)! It will include my most recently finished project. A peek:

If any body knows of any good publishing/printing companies, I'd appreciate/love recommendations!


blorange dice said...

Oh, Kelley, thank you!! I'm so excited you have a blog now- from what I've seen with Bonnie, your work is amazing (: Woohoo!

dapper kid said...

Wow, that photo is SO stunning!

ryan manning said...

nikholis said...

the best publishing option is kinkos!

or this tumblr: